The secret meaning of bridesmaid colours!

Given the fact that we are all practising our social distancing we have found some spare time on our hands and have decided to do something we have talk about for years and never quite got around to, we have decided to start a blog!

So for our first post we have decided to offer up a fun post talking about the meaning of colours something handy to keep in mind when choose that all important theme for the big day!


Every colour has positive as well as negative characteristics. By combining colours you can emphasise either the positive or negative aspects. Here are some fun colour facts for your to consider when choosing that perfect colour scheme:




Red is the colour of power, love and energy. Combined with your personal white it will underline the love and passion you feel on the day as well as the perfect union and new beginning you are about to enter.

The deeper the red, the more subdued the energy and the more sophisticated it is.

Burgundy reds that contain a hint of black or dark purple represent controlled passion and energy.

Maroon reds contain hints of blue, they are a more conservative colour and represent thoughtfulness and passion.

Red will create a warm and stimulating mood at your wedding with high energy and lots of action.

Choosing red for your main wedding colour identifies you as extroverted, confident and optimistic.

It is an attention-seeking and an attention-getting colour which of course is perfect for your wedding.

You are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfilment and to experience life through the five senses – this will be evident in your wedding with music, dancing, good food and a great visual experience for everyone.




Pink suggests a sense of softness and gentleness. Dressed in pink, you will have an aura of feminity and romance around you. PInk adds a touch of sweetness to your white wedding dress and brings out the youth in every woman.

Pink calms the physical passion and power of red making it a more gentle and loving energy. Utilsing pink as one of your wedding colours will create a mood of gentle warmth, love and thoughtfulness.

You are disciplined and organized, although you can sometimes be rather flippant when the immature girly side of pink appears.

Combining pink with other darker colours such as dark blue, dark green, black or gray, adds strength and sophistication to pink.

Hot Pink: Contemporary and modern for a wedding, yet romantic and fun, it radiates a more passion than pale pink. It inspires sensual love and a love of life.

Rose Pink: This is a more mature pink, but still feminine and romantic; the pink of universal love.

Salmon Pink: This variation of pink contains a touch of orange.

Orchid: This is more of a lavender-pink and relates to the unusual and the individual doing his or her own thing.

Blush: This is a very pale pink with sensual and sexual undertones. Some say it lacks enthusiasm, excitement and energy.




Choosing blue creates positiveness and tranquillity around you. Blue induces a sense of calm and, combined with your wedding dress, will make you appear peaceful, trustworthy and perceptive.

The darker the blue, the more conservative, serious and professional it is and the more masculine it becomes.

Navy blue is a great alternative to black, softer and more traditional. It looks great with white, ivory, champagne. Add pink in the bouquets, or lime green or soft yellow

Pale Blue is a colour of freedom and creativity. It inspires tranquillity.

Sky Blue is a non-threatening colour loved by most people all over the world. It is the colour of the healer and indicates a helpful and selfless nature.

Azure Blue is a colour of contentment that inspires ambition and determination to achieve.

Dark Blue: is conservative and responsible.

Choosing blue for your wedding colour will create a relaxing and peaceful mood for your wedding in which everyone will feel contented and happy.

If you have selected blue as one of your wedding colours, you tend to be very reliable, with a need for order and direction in every endeavour.

It indicates a need for tranquillity in your future and to be able to live your life according to your own ideals and bel

iefs without having to change your inflexible viewpoint of life to satisfy others.



Green conveys freshness and reassurance and demonstrates imagination and a sense of living
life to the full. Combined with your wedding dress, it symbolises hope, good luck and fertility for your new life ahead.

Green in your wedding colours will create a calming and restful mood with enough warmth to encourage a feeling of unity and togetherness.

If you have chosen green for your wedding colour you are a very nurturing and compassionate person, loving yourself and others unconditionally.

You crave peace and contentment above all else and a life free of conflict.

Detail bores you so you will most likely seek help with planning your wedding.




Yellow is illuminating and uplifting, relating to the mind and the intellect. Yellow in your wedding colors will create a warm, welcoming, cheerful and happy mood which will lift up the spirits of your guests.

If you have chosen yellow as your wedding colour, you are creative with many original ideas and thoughts, but with much practicality.

You will have a close circle of good friends and may prefer a smaller intimate wedding rather than a large extravagant event.

You have a good sense of humour which will guide you through the many ups and downs of married life.




Orange is a more intense colour than yellow. Picking orange will present you as a fun loving person, comfortable in your own skin, who has a love of exotic things. Orange is a good colour for late summer weddings. Paler versions of orange, such as peach and apricot, are softer and gentler in their energy, stimulating conversation yet putting people at ease.

Orange in your wedding colours will create a friendly and social mood with lots of chatting amongst the guests, laughter, fun and enthusiasm.

You are a people person and will have a large and active social circle, enjoy partying and planning all types of social events So planning your wedding will be a great deal of fun for you!

Your life together will be stimulating and social, one of spontaneity, fun and adventure with a great enthusiasm for life.




Dressing in purple is a statement of creativity and individuality. It shows confidence in this new chapter in your life. Choosing purple as your wedding color will create a mood of individuality, mystery and fantasy.

If you have chosen purple as one of your wedding colours you are unique, individual and independent. You are creative and love the unconventional and this will show in any event you design.

You are a sensitive and compassionate person, supportive of others and putting their needs before your own.

You are a gentle and free spirit. Your feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it. Choose people for your wedding party who love and accept you for who you are.

Darker shades of purple are linked with nobility and imply sensuality and individuality. The lighter shades are more romantic and feminine, and a perfect choice for your wedding colours.




Gray can be both elegant and formal. As one of your main wedding colors a grey colour palette will create a mood of neutrality. A warm gray will be more involving/ connecting for your guests.

If you have chosen gray for your wedding colour, you tend to be neutral and objective about life.

You are practical and calm, do not like to attract attention and are simply seeking a contented life.

The darker the gray, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes. The lighter the gray the more illuminating and lively it is.

Rarely is gray a perfect mix of black and white - it often has elements of other colours such as blue, green, pink, mauve or yellow within it which lift it and energize it.




Black is a color of power and control, prestige and dignity. Black as your wedding color will create a mood of elegance, protection and mystery.

Choosing black as your wedding color indicates that you may be conventional, conservative and serious, or sophisticated, elegant and dignified.

In choosing black for your wedding, you may be trying to create an aura of mystery and intrigue, or an air of sophistication, or simply giving an impression of success and affluence.




Silver is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides. Silver is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious, soothing, calming and purifying.

Silver among your wedding colors will create a mood of elegance and femininity.

If you have chosen silver as your wedding colour theme, you have a modern and dignified, yet somewhat glamorous, outlook on life. You tend to have an understated air of sophistication and classiness about you and this will be reflected in your wedding ceremony.

You are imaginative and creative, particularly in expressing yourself with the written word, and may choose to write your own wedding vows.

As silver illuminates and reflects the energy of those colours that surround it, choose carefully the colours you put with it for your wedding. Almost any color will work with silver but be sure to choose a color that has the energy you want to convey. While there are similarities between silver and gray, silver is much more light-hearted and optimistic.

So what will your bridesmaid colours say about you?

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